Below: six by six by half inch  dish in blue and dark blue with white and clear diagonal pattern surrounding  a center stirred medallion of red, pink, white and blues. 25.00

Above: Ten by ten by one inch dish in indigo blue with center design of red, red orange, orange, vanilla, celadon and indigo set in clear. 70.00

Left: Seven by nine by one inch platter in dark blue with stripe of stirred pieces in red, pink, white and blues set in clear with a medium blue border. 50.00

Above, top: 5 by 17 by 1 inch long platter in medium blue with combed design in blues and chartreuse and olive green, set off by clear, olive and chartreuse. 60.00

Above, bottom: 5 by 17 by 1 inch platter in teal with cubes of turquoise, teal, jade, green and chartreuse set off by clear. 60.00

Above: 4 by 12 in dish in jade with end insets of cubes in turquoise, teal, jade green and chartreuse set off by clear.  45.00

Right: Six inch diameter by 2 inch bowls with radiating dots in descending sizes. Chartreuse with dark blue and turquoise with dark green. 25.00 each

Above: Six by six by one inch dishes in chartreuse and purple with bubble grid in center. 25.00 each