There are three maps here. The top one is to our house from Helix, assuming that you can get to Helix by using GPS or following signs. The next one is to our house from Walla Walla using the back roads. This is fine it you don’t mind about 7 miles of gravel road. It has recently been graded and rolled and is in good shape - for a gravel road. (Shout out to the Umatilla County Road Dept!) The bottom one is two routes to Helix from Walla Walla using paved roads. Then you would use the top map from Helix to our place. Please call before you come out. It seems to us that we are always home, but sure enough, someone drops by and we’re at the grocery store. Also call if you  have questions, are coming from some other place, or if these maps are confusing. Or for any reason whatsoever.